potato salad
Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Recipe, Vegetarian -
Basic Potato Salad

Nothing quite says American food like a good old fashioned potato salad and I love it.  It is also a good basic recipe to know how to make. Potato salad...

apple pie
Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegetarian -
Rustic Apple Pie

It is the middle of April, and it seems as though winter will never end. It is bitter cold here and we are expecting more snow tonight. When it is...

gluten free cheese crackers
Gluten Free, Recipe, Vegetarian -
Cheese Crackers

When my family went gluten free, everyone had their own favorite that they missed. Our daughter missed her box of cheese crackers. They became her obsession; so creating gluten free...

trail mix
Gluten Free, Recipe, Vegetarian -
Cotton Tail Trail Mix

I learned a long time ago that busy hands are happy hands. With the spring break and Easter falling in the same week, we keep a bin full of crafts...

whoopie pies
Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Recipe, Vegetarian -
Whoopie Pies

My kids love Whoopie Pies. They laugh out loud and celebrate whenever I tell them that I am making them.  This year, we will celebrate St. Patrick's Day with family...

St. Patrick's Day cupcakes
Recipe, Vegetarian -
Shamrock Cupcakes

As a family, we love celebrating St. Patrick's Day. We wear green, decorate the house green, eat green food and of course, we have to have a green dessert.


lamb cake
Gluten Free, Vegetarian -
Easter Lamb Cake

Lamb Cakes are an Easter tradition in many cultures. We always had one on our Easter dessert table, set towards the back, to keep it safe from all the little...

Gluten Free, Organic, Recipe, Vegetarian -
Gorp Popcorn

I have many recipes that have Gorp included in them. This is because Gorp is one of my kids' favorite foods in the whole world. They will eat Gorp, any...

App Updates -
Using the Search Bars to Now Find Foods for a Healthier You!

The Now Find Family of Apps has a few different search bars strategically placed in areas of the app.

Global Searches

The primary search bar is the Global...

App Updates -
Custom Product Notes

Did you know the Now Find Family of Apps has a personal Custom Notes section in each product? Forget the little piece of paper that gets crumpled and lost! Now...

peeling tomatoes
Vegetarian Resources -
Hidden Animal Ingredients

Ingredients from Animals

Discovering animal products on an ingredient label is not always easy. Products that are derived from animal have many different names that do not always...

Vegetarian, Vegetarian Resources -
Types of Vegetarians

Whether you’re considering becoming a vegetarian or hosting a party and want to understand the different types of vegetarians; you’ve come to the right place!

Pescatarian –...

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